Don’t wait until Bucket List time – start your underwater adventure now! Come on in and start today – you can get a taste of discovery with either a snorkelling lesson or a Discover Scuba lesson in just one evening. The most common sentiment we hear from people is “Why didn’t I do this earlier?!”

Nearly three-quarters of the earth's surface is covered with water. Under that water is a vast expanse abounding with life. At Planet Scuba we have all you need to start exploring the hidden treasure that exists there. Not only do we have what you need to start, we have what you need for every stage of underwater discovery and every age group and/or size...whether that is swimwear and gear, apparel, exposure protection, snorkelling gear, spear fishing gear and/or scuba gear.

We also offer snorkeling and scuba diving training. If you purchase new snorkeling gear from us (mask, snorkel and fins) we will throw in a snorkeling bag and snorkeling lesson as a gift for you – to ensure you have proper fitting gear and know how to use it (thus maximizing your underwater experience!)

We have PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Instructors who are qualified to train beginner courses all the way up to professional levels of diving. In order to ensure safety and comfort we have packaged our scuba courses with basic snorkeling gear – so that by the end of your course you are knowledgeable and prepared for whatever adventure awaits you.

Those with families can enjoy the adventure together. All ages can take swimming to the next level with some snorkeling gear (from children just learning to swim and up) and we train children as young as 10 years old, right up to adults in their retirement years to scuba dive!

Each scuba diving certification includes; class work, pool sessions and open water sessions. If you have a trip planned – you can still learn to dive BEFORE your trip – with a Referral course you can get your class work and pool sessions done before you leave and then finish your course on your trip with any PADI instructor in the world. Want to have a tropical vacation planned for you? We do that too! We plan and partner with other dive organizations to plan trips around the world to tropical destinations all throughout the year. Our trips include; land-based accommodation and luxury live-aboard cruises in many destinations. Each year we offer different destinations but every year we travel to British Columbia, Mexico and the Bahamas!

If you want to stick closer to home, we do open water dives in the summer months in lakes that are within an hour to a few hours from Regina. Many prairie divers also take up spear fishing (prairie fish may not be pretty – but they are good for eating!).

So...what’s your excuse?