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At Planet Scuba you will find trained, experienced, and fully insured commercial divers.

Since its inception, Planet Scuba has been sought by both public and private sector organizations for its expertise. Clients have included Crown Corporations, the RCMP, Ducks Unlimited, Weyerhaeuser, CanAmera Foods, and numerous golf courses.

Planet Scuba's commercial diving services include the sale, rental, and service of high pressure breathing compressors and cylinders, visual and video inspections of dams, water intakes, and accident scenes; underwater demolition, excavation, welding and cutting; and removal of biological and hazardous material from contaminated water bodies.

Other applications have included: vehicle recovery, work on aeration systems in dugouts, diving when required in swift water, recovering bodies due to drowning, recovery of jewelry and personal effects, underwater repair of pool liners, removal of debris, and golf ball retrieval services.

Whether your commercial diving needs are large or small, Planet Scuba is earning the right to become the "preferred" commercial diving service provider in Saskatchewan.



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