We do training a little differently than many Dive Training Centres. We chose to change our programming in order to create comfortable, confident, safe divers rather than people with certification cards. The following is an outline of the difference you will find with us.

1. All-inclusive Pricing. Where most Dive Centres charge for your course and then add extra unexpected charges later, (price per pool session, makeup class or pool sessions, rental of gear, training materials, snorkelling gear, etc) we include everything you need to finish your paid-for course in your course price. The gear and level of gear included depends on your chosen course but every item and course is upgradeable to suit you and your diving needs. We even have packages that include everything you need to dive and your training…and packages that include more training and better gear – it’s all up to you…packaged to save you money and get you in the gear that will keep you safe and comfortable – allowing you to focus on why you are learning to dive!


2. Schedule. Typically courses are made to suit the Dive Centre and then you are asked to fit into their schedule. Our courses and store are designed to work around you.


Classroom - Once you are in course you are given all your instructional materials needed (including the training DVD’s not usually included in training materials) which you can work on at home, when you have time. Each chapter has a corresponding Knowledge Review in your manual, and a video to watch. After you have completed this you can have a one-on-one time with an instructor. The instructor will review your Knowledge Review(s) and explain to you anything you missed or need help with. Then you are given a 10 question multiple-choice quiz for each chapter (chapter 1-4) and a 50 question multiple-choice final exam for chapter 5. You can do this one chapter at a time or all at one time – it’s up to you, your schedule and how you learn best. The only requirement for timeline is that you complete the chapter book work before you do the corresponding pool session. If you wanting to do your classroom portion on another night other than pool nights then you just need to schedule a time with one of our instructors to do so. (If you have completed eLearning online you will receive the $130 that you paid for the online course as credit towards your course, however, you do not receive the training materials that would have been included otherwise).


Pool - Our pool sessions happen on Friday nights year round, and we add some Saturdays nights throughout our busy season (Nov - Feb). Our Saturday night dates will be posted on our website and are 30 minutes earlier than our Friday schedule. Again we work around you so there is no set timeline for your course, or number of pool sessions. As long as you are IN COURSE and until you are confident and comfortable in the skills you have paid to learn, pool sessions are free. Our pool sessions include use of gear that you need that is not included in gear that is yours to take home. You do not have to come consecutive weeks, just come when you can. To join a pool session we would appreciate some notice that you plan on coming and what chapter you are working on (can be on that day). If you would like to “blow bubbles” or just practice skills that you have already learnt you can do that instead of moving on to the next chapter. That means that if you complete your course in 3 or 30 pool sessions the price stays the same. Most people feel that one pool session per chapter is sufficient and some like to do a practice session after each chapter, although others have completed the course faster or slower than either of those options. When you have completed the course you have paid for, then there is a pool fee if you would like to come and practice skills.


Our Friday night schedule is as follows. (If you can not make it in on Friday early enough to gear up then you can always call and schedule a time earlier in the week to do paperwork and/or gear up for pool and then meet us at the pool on Friday.) Please call or email & let us know that you will be joining us, as well as what you are working on at pool.


6pm Meet at Planet Scuba (1172 Albert St)
6-7:15pm Do Class work, Gear Training and Gear Up
7:15pm Leave for Pool
7:30-8pm Put gear together (at pool)
8-9:30pm In-water training (at pool)
9:30pm Pack up and head for Pizza Social


3. Gear Training. Unfortunately many people have invested money in cheap gear packages that are not suitable for them and not suitable and created for diving. As we, as people, are not “one size fits all” we strive to find the perfect gear for you – not only your shape and size but for the specific purposes and places you intend to use your gear. We will work with you, training you on the gear, so that you can make an educated first choice in gear that will last you many many enjoyable years. If for some reason you don’t like the gear once you try it in pool, that’s fine we’ll work it out until you are in the right gear for you.


4. Training Gear. Most Dive Training Centres have limited standard old-school gear. They train with weight belts and old-style Buoyancy Control Devices (BCD – which is the jacket you wear to control your buoyancy in the water). Many people are nervous their first experience in dive gear and strapping a weight belt unto you and a BCD that does not fit snug will not help you to get comfortable. We decided that we want to show you how comfortable diving can be and want people to not only own the right gear for them, but to train in the right gear for them. We train in all weight-integrated BCD’s that are only used for pool (not for the lake or rental…which means it is always like new…and when they get older we sell them at a discounted rate) which means no uncomfortable weight belts while you are learning to get comfortable underwater. Most of the regulators (what you breathe from) we train with are equipped with an ability to adjust the ease of breathing to suit you! The gauges have dive computers so that you can learn to use scuba technology to stay safe and enjoy your time underwater. While you are training you are encouraged to take note and use different gear each time so that you learn what you like and don’t like which will better equip you in the future when you are renting or buying your own gear. We have many choices and sizes to fit all divers – from child sizes all the way up to 5XL.


5. Open Water Dives. You can complete your required Open Water Dives with us at home, we go every Sunday to the lake (usually Lovering Lake, but sometimes Fox Point at Long Lake, or Clear Lake, MB) while the lake is thawed. However, if you don’t make it out to complete your dives during the summer months at the lake, there are many more options for you to finish your course. If you have signed up for a Referral course, than you can complete your course by doing your check out dives with any PADI instructor worldwide (have to be completed within one year of completing the pool/class portion). You can also complete your course with us on one of our many tropical trips planned throughout the year. (Your check out dives are included if you register for a certification course and can be completed with us on a trip or at home).


6. Travel. Many Dive Centres partner with Travel Organizations which we do as well. However, we also lead and plan many of our own trips. Our hope is to take a minimum of 1 trip per month year round to a tropical destination. We have many planned but can also plan one around an individual or group. So, if we don’t have something planned when you are able to go – let us know when you would like to go on a trip and we’ll see if we can organize something that works for you – price, time and place-wise.


7. Upgrades. Again, we work around you – if you buy an appropriate mask and snorkel from us for a snorkelling trip and then come in and sign up for a dive course that would include the mask and snorkel, then we will credit you what we would have included. If you start with Discover Scuba, then decide to register for a Course, we will credit the fees paid for Discover Scuba toward the course you choose. That way you don’t pay more if you want to take a small step at a time rather than jump right in. It’s all about to you, your personality, your time, and your desires.


Your first step is to come into the shop and discuss with us what you want to accomplish with diving and we’ll discuss your options and decide on the most appropriate first step for you.


IF you have any questions, concerns or need clarification, you can email us at info@planet-scuba.ca or reach me at the shop by calling 306-586-4757.