"My name is Rhonda Simpkins and I have been working at and managing Planet Scuba for almost 10 years. I am currently in transition and taking over Planet Scuba, firstly in the area of training. For some time you will see both my new name "Tropical Dreams Dive Adventures" and Planet Scuba's name together in partnership. I have 3 full time amazing instructors and a great team of dive masters and support staff to help in giving you a program of excellence. As we have been meeting in preparation to this new season, we have spoken a lot about how to give you a program that far exceeds your expectations and sets you up for success - to be a safe and confident diver so that you can fully enjoy the underwater world!

There are a couple of ways we have come up with to help with this.

ALL INCLUSIVE pricing - this means that unlike many shops we include the entire Open Water Training Package (which includes; manual, DVD, logbook, recreational dive planner, student skills card, and safety sausage) and your basic SCUBA quality Snorkel gear (which includes; regulator mouthpiece, mask, snorkel, boots and fins) in our price. Many shops expect these things to be purchased but do not include it in your price. eLearning students will get their $200 off if they have used us as their training store (and will not receive a Manual, RDP or DVD).


TRAINING GEAR - high end current technology training gear. Our hope is to use the best tools in the industry giving you the greatest chance of success. This means having proper fit and sizing to work with each individual as well.


CLASS SIZES - small class sizes ensure that students can get through their lesson and have more attention and ability to work with an instructor and/or dive master to not just learn to do skills but to do them well and retain the skills!


COMMITMENT - works on both sides. You will have greater success and skills if you take the 5 weeks and commit to be there to complete your chapter. There are 5 chapters so should be easy to complete in 5 weeks. We will try to be flexible when this simply can not work but promise you that you will learn more and retain it better if you are able to commit to one session - working with the same instructors and students. Also, we commit to serve you to the best of our ability which means we have lots of staff working together to help you and serve you during your time with us.

Also, each pool session requires you to have your classroom done in advance - which means you need to come ready with the pool chapter read, the DVD watched, Knowledge Review filled out and ready to do your quiz for that chapter when you come to your pool lesson.


STORE DISCOUNT - during your 5 weeks in training we will give you a 10% discount on all gear in store. (upgrades - discount applied to difference in cost, or extras applied to cost).



IF you have any questions, concerns or need clarification, you can email me at tropicaldreamsdiveadventures@gmail.com or reach me at the shop by calling 306-586-4757.